Beautiful Peta was in earlier this year as one of my 40 women over 40 Project, named the “Wise Women Campaign”. Here is Petas story – The opportunity to be one of the 40 women over 40 photographic project arrived at the perfect time.  It was a gift for me to celebrate my 46th birthday, and an honouring of my body and soul at this stage of my life. In a way it is visual representation of coming out after big changes in my life, just before ironically going back in, as the 2020 pandemic arrived and forced a powerful time of transformation for us all,  and for me this precious time has awakened a deep appreciation for ‘all’ l have experienced in my life. I have been truly blessed to have birthed 4 beings into this world they are now 18,12, 9 & 6 years of age

It amazes me that my body has held each of them for that first 9 months, birthed them & breast fed babes for 8 year since my motherhood journey began at 27.  My body has truly amazed me with the wonders of being a woman and all we are capable of. I believe it is my deep love and passion for dance that has shaped and informed my life and my body through my many life experiences. My unique soul expression comes from the way I move in the world, and the ways I have grown, adapted and transformed through the many changes that taken place in my lifetime, are inspired by my understanding and awareness of my physical body and presence. The 40 women over 40 photographic project was a wonderful way to capture me as a more mature woman getting ready to return to my ‘work’ with new levels of awareness of my unique gifts & skills, and with the intention to have some professional photos to activate my new business, AlignMe.

My work has included traveling the world with a performing arts company after the birth of my first child, with high levels of physical fitness required and a very strong core strength. My body bounced back, and I fulfilled a dream to travel the world performing. On landing back in Melbourne, I created a performance project in 2006 entitled The Lady Lynx, working with women and divine presence and grace, weaving magical costumes of wearable art and performed at many festivals and events. In 2015 I opened a dance studio in the heart of Byron Bay and activate a space dedicated to all forms of dance/movement. In those 2 years I danced nearly every day until burnout hit. Being a mother of 4 and running a dance business and a partnership breakdown, saw my life fall apart for awhile. Now 3 years later and 2 years into learning to play the guitar and opening my heart to love again… I feel truly grateful for who I am, my body, heart, mind and soul as I approach the half century mark. I look back on a full and amazing life… rich, colourful & diverse , with many challenges and even more breakthroughs. Now as a wiser woman, I feel ready to offer my life’s work to the world around me. Feeling so inspired to make more art, sharing my wisdoms and uplifting people to shine and align!

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