Kerry is 47 years old, loves beach walks and is a Registered Nurse. Kerry has spent 20 years saving lives, but is currently taking care of the elderly and their families when life comes to an end, by giving all the love she has.

Kerry practices Ashtanga yoga daily, and lives a very spiritual life and wanted to pass on a message. We need to practice more tenderness to the planet, to the vulnerable both physically and mentally to our children, our lifestyles and the animals. What Kerry hopes comes from this time in our lives, is that the human race will hopefully reconnect with their tenderness, and as a race we move softly forward.

Kerry recently came in for our Wise Women Campaign and absolutely rocked it!  I remember one thing Kerry told me during the session was ‘I wish Id done this when I was 25’.  What an incredibly special experience this is for me and my clients to honour women over 40. The thing is we grow wiser, more confident, more resilient and I think more beautiful as we age. I am privileged to be part of the journey of many women who are part of this adventure in their lives, where they can recognise themselves for who they are now and feel ok with it and accept and love themselve. We are the ones that are the glue, the providers, the healers, the teachers and I believe the heart and soul of most families.

I look forward to be able to continue this campaign in the months ahead and welcome anyone interested to still message me as I can get to know you and your story now and we can arrange to meet soon after lockdown, to pamper you, to love you, to photograph and honour you in this time of your life, especially now, this is the time to do this and give yourself the gift of YOU.

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