cute baby in a hanging basket
beautiful dad and baby
beautiful family photo with Rose Dadon Photography
beautiful photo of a baby as a butterfly on Photography
beautiful photo of a newborn Rose Dadon Photography

I was so excited for this session as beautiful Paris, a new mama, came in with her sweet teeny tiny baby girl Gianna. Gianna, or GG as she is sweetly called by her loved ones, came early and on her photoshoot day at 3 weeks of age had still not even reached 3kg!

Holding her felt like the weight of a cabbage patch doll and with her sweet smooth skin and delicate features you could easily mistake her for a little girls beloved dolly. The love in the air was incredible from this new mama and papa of their tiny little gift, it was such a beautiful session and I felt privileged to be one of the first people in her life to get to meet her and hold her.

This is a certainly a special part of my job that my little clients come to see me when they are so tiny and precious.  The bond and connection in these family photos just warm my heart. I look forward to watching this gorgeous family grow in the years to come.

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